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    Assembly is to a certain extent a reflection of the foregoing processes. In assembly, the proportion of value-creation activities often drops below 50% due to:

    • customer modifications at short notice,
    • ambiguous sales orders,
    • shortcomings in design,
    • technical and scheduling problems with in-house and bought-in parts etc.

    Those responsible in assembly react to these disruptive factors very flexibly in terms of the proliferation of assembly hours, but at the same time with a degree of resignation.

    Personnel are reduced to pointing the finger at others and no longer work rigorously on the internal continuous improvement process.

    In our experience, those who want to eliminate the bottlenecks in the overall operational process must begin at the end of the process – in assembly.

    If assembly is restructured according to strict regulatory criteria, e.g. in the form of continuous assembly, the changes long since requested in the upstream departments often come about by themselves after initial teething troubles.

    ProWerk has considerable experience and has enjoyed many successes in the restructuring of assembly processes in highly diverse areas of mechanical engineering.