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  • Life cycle costs

    Life cycle costs

    Customers are becoming more far-sighted. Suppliers to the automotive industry are particularly aware of this. In this industry purchasing decisions are no longer taken merely on the basis of the purchase price, but rather based on life cycle costs which must be guaranteed by the suppliers.

    Daimler paved the way with its total cost of ownership (TCO) procurement method and other automotive manufacturers have already announced plans to do the same. The automotive industry is showing a lead that other branches of industry will follow. Basing the purchasing decision on life cycle cost assessments will in future become one of the most important topics for the capital goods industry.

    ProWerk can draw on considerable practical experience with life cycle costs. Together with a machine tool manufacturer and several suppliers, we are developing a machine tool with the aim of minimising the life cycle costs. The production costs of the machine are no longer the sole costs-related optimisation feature.

    ProWerk can carry out the life cycle cost calculations for you. If you are a manufacturer of high-quality but, compared with the competition, more expensive products, we can use life cycle cost analyses to give your sales teams unbeatable arguments in the form of figures to turn purchasing decisions in your favour. ProWerk can advise you on chances and risks prior to concluding TCO contracts and, if requested, can introduce the use of optimised life cycle costs into the brainstorming and conception phases of your new developments.