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  • Optimisation of production and processes

    Optimisation of production and processes

    In today’s production, potential savings of between 30% and 50% – as can be seen in the reports of ProWerk projects – are still going to waste. And when that is the case, transferring production to low-wage countries is often merely a knee-jerk reaction

    The reasons behind a company’s inability to exploit the potential in its own production are manifold:

    • Production capabilities due to digitalization (Industry 4.0) often remain unused.
    • The lack of investment, often over many years, has resulted in cost-intensive employees working with outdated production facilities.
    • Considerable potential is often wasted in assembly. The proportion of non-value-creation activities is often unacceptably high here. Besides outdated assembly principles, the departments supplying items for assembly are often also responsible.
    • Production systems operate with an availability that can be less than 50%! In the light of this, the cycle times and productivity calculations used for investment decisions are simply waste paper. reine Makulatur.

    ProWerk understands the thinking in production and assembly. ProWerk is characterised by its close tracking and positive efforts when implementing the concepts developed in advance together with your personnel.