ProWerk-Product Clinic

One of your products or one of your product areas does not achieve a sufficient profit contribution or margin? We analyse your product within the ProWerk-Product Clinic and show you ways and possibilities to significantly increase the profit contribution and the margin. Our 360° plant analysis represents the start of the product clinic, after which we work with you on the realisation of the identified potentials.

360° site analysis

The aim of the 360° site analysis is to identify the necessary measures and the associated potential for improving the economic situation of the product. In this phase, we work in all areas of the company on the topics that influence product costs:

  • Product management, marketing/sales: Definition of product characteristics, pricing, …
  • Development/design: Implementation of requirements, constructive solutions, detailed designs (tolerances, selection of materials, etc.), …
  • Supply Chain: Purchasing and suppliers for drawing and purchased parts, logistics, in-house production, assembly, extended workbench, commissioning, …

In this phase, we also work closely with controlling to evaluate the potential and identify open issues and questions for calculation and possibilities for more efficient controlling of manufacturing costs.

In addition, we also analyze your competition. We compare the technical specifications of the main competitive products with their solutions and calculate the difference in manufacturing costs – of course on the basis of your own cost structures. They you know which manufacturing cost targets you have to achieve in order to offer a competitive product. Our experience with competitive analyses shows that discussions with your employees result in completely new ideas and proposed solutions for the cost-effective design of your product.

In our projects we were able to show manufacturing cost potentials of up to -40% for existing products!

Realization of the potentials

After we have shown you the potentials, we support you in the realization. We stand by our word from the 360° site analysis and implement the identified measures together with your employees. The project does not end until the savings are visible in the ERP calculations!