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  • Target cost management

    Target cost management

    The targets for cost reductions in mechanical and plant engineering we encounter in our briefs lie between 30% and 50% (related to the previous machines and plants). At the same time, strict schedules have to be maintained and the technical and quality specifications are usually much higher as well. In the automotive development process, these targets in the development of defined subassemblies lie between -5% and -15% (related to the current state of development).
    We have not only achieved these targets, but also exceeded them in many cases. Our successes can be essentially explained by two aspects:

    Cost transparency
    All members of the development and design team must be aware of the current level of total production costs of the product or plant to be developed at all times during the project. We guarantee this unconditional request with the ProWerk Cost Navigator.

    Cost calculations
    We help your developers and designers, in close cooperation with your cost accounting, when estimating the cost of the component or subassembly developed by each member of the team. These early cost calculations form the basis for the targeted technical design of the components. The bottom line is that we supply your purchasing department with best-case calculations for sound price negotiations.